At Xian-Ning, we strongly believe that even a small step can lead to a bigger and better change.
We, therefore, have continuously put our best efforts not only on our business operations, but also on our responsibilities to employees, partners, communities, and the environment.


We believe people are the most important asset of our company. We, therefore, treat all employees like family – care for their health, happiness, and wellbeing.

Just like how we put safety as top priority to our seafood products, safety is as well assured for our workforce. Xian-Ning has taken every necessary action to minimize risk of injuries, and makes sure that our families are working in the best working conditions possible. Various audits from the third parties are also taken to ensure that our policies are executed right and best. Apart from that, we continuously support our people on raising their quality of life, providing them with both physical and mental security.



Local prosperity is always one of our ambitions. We believe no success has meaning unless it is contributed back to the community we are living in.

Every year, Xian-Ning spends portions of its income on helping the local community. In short-term, we constantly donate commodities and necessities to those in needs. But more importantly, we also put strong emphasis on building true foundations for local wellbeing – building infrastructure, supporting education, and stimulate local economy.



We strongly believe in united system, where everyone in the industry supports each other for success. We see our suppliers as partners, our competitors as colleagues – learn, reinforce, and race for improvement.

Xian-Ning is a member of Thailand Frozen Foods Association (TFFA), and was chosen to be one of their board of directors. There we strive to explore new policies and ways to sustainably develop our industry, making sure Thailand stays as dependable, top-priority suppliers in the world stage. Not only complying with domestic standards, we constantly encourage all members to meet and even go beyond international requirements. We work with the government and various international organizations such as The National Fishery Institutes (NFI) to make sure that our policies are widely accepted.



Relying our business on natural resources, we strive to minimize negative impacts while enhancing positive ones to the environment.

Over the years, we have planted thousands of trees and mangroves, continuously reduced carbon footprint, energy consumed, as well as making sure every single drop of water released back to the nature is clean. Yet, we still progressively find ways in which we can better utilize wasted water from our operations with the objective to go beyond just preserving the environment. We aspire to truly recycle it back to our operations as well as allow our community to use it for their living.


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