At Xian-Ning, we sort our raw materials only from certified farms. We support our partner farms for BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) audit while constantly visit them to ensure strict execution of quality procedures. This way, we are able to guarantee for our valued customers that the shrimp we harvest are of the best quality. Most of our partner farms are located locally, not too far away from our plant. Hence, transportation time is reduced, and freshness is kept at best.

Realizing the importance of responsibility we have to different stakeholders, we appreciate and support suppliers that do share the same responsible minds. Every year, we collaborate with our suppliers for different CSR activities to create a bigger and more impactful force.


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Supply Chain


All of our products are stamped with tracking code, which allows us to trace back as to when the product was produced and where the origin of the raw materials are. We require that our suppliers as well have tracking system, and movement documents need to be presented with all the raw material delivered to our plant. Not only that this allows quality and risk management, it also lets us create truly ethical, legal, and responsible supply chain.


Realizing a growing concern on labor practices in seafood industry, Xian-Ning strives to put our best efforts to cooperate with different organizations to fight with this issue. We very closely work with our shrimp suppliers to make sure that all workers in our supply chain are legally employed, fairly treated, and taken care on their health and safety. Moreover, we ensure child labor, forced labor, illegal foreign labor, and human trafficking are completely prohibited to all of our partners.

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