Xian-Samhut farm was established in 2012 under Xian-Ning Seafood Co., Ltd. with the intention to be pilot farm with well-laid system, and a supplier of best quality shrimps. It locates in Phetchaburi Province, only 10 minutes away from our processing plant, with the area of over 40 hectares.

PE Lining Ponds & Central Sedimentation

  • Easy Removal of sediments
  • Cleanest water quality
  • Minimize alteration to earth quality
  • Reduce time on pond’s preparation between crops

Deeper Ponds & More Machines

  • Pond’s depth: 3.5 m.
  • Higher Culture Density Possible
  • Higher Production Volume

In-House Nursery

  • Close Inspection of early postlavae
  • Higher survival rate


4.  Antibiotics Free Supplies

Anitobiotics & drugs are strictly prohibited in our farm system, while the use of other chemicals is as well minimized to ensure food safety. We ensure that there is neither antibiotic used in feed production nor during culture of seed stocks we use, and we also have our shrimp periodically sampled and tested for antibiotics at 3rd party laboratory.


5.  BAP 4 Stars Supplies

Xian-Sumhut Farm currently only sorts its postlarvae and feeds used from BAP certified suppliers in order to produce 4 stars raw materials for Xian-Ning Seafood. We keep the records on all supplies we used as well as where our products go in order to ensure both backward and forward traceability.



Closed Water System

Farm uses closed water system where no effluent is released to nature, but rather treated and re-used for farm operations.

Natural Ways of Water Treatment:

  • Natural Sedimentation
  • Polyculture with various fish species
  • Grow seaweeds in treatment ponds
Farm Water
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